Friday, 11 April 2008

Year 11 Speaking Exam

Dear Year 11,
As you are very much aware, the Speaking Exams are almost here. Hopefully you are all revising for it now, and you have a technique that works for you.

Have you tried..
- asking someone to test you for your conversation questions (do you remember what you wanted to say?)
- asking someone to test you on the meanings of the questions
- recording your answers on your MP3 player/tape/computer and listening back to it
- reading your answers out loud
- practicing your role-play answers with a friend
- predicting what type of question might come up for the ! parts of the role play

The revision sessions are another great way of revising for this exam. Don't forget that there will be 20 minutes allocated to just MFL after school before the other revision sessions start. Come along and practice with your teacher or other students. It might make a big difference to your grade!

You all have a Conversation Booklet (if you have lost yours, download one from the school website, and past examples of role-plays in the booklets your teachers have given you. Please ask if you can't find yours.

Format of the Exam
You have been given a time to come to E-Block.Please don't come really early, otherwise it will get too busy in E1. Bring your preparation work with you, so that you can practice with the Foreign Languages Assistant.
- Two role-plays (A&B for Foundation, B&C for Higher)
- Two conversation topics (first one is the one of your choice)

The exam will be over before you know it! Remember, you have been practicing these questions for a long time now, so you will do well.

So, please start your revision for the speaking exams now (they are the first exams). All of the hard work will pay off!

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Students of the Month - March!!!

Well done to the three Students of the Month for their work in March:

French: Olivia Hodgson, 8X
Spanish: Adrianne Garan, 8Y
German: Nadine Ashworth, 10G

Keep up the great work, and maybe you too will see your work in the blog.

Olivia Hodgson, 8X

Adrianne Garan, 8Y

Nadine Ashworth, 10G