Tuesday, 14 October 2014

German exchange - Dienstag

Home time! So the students met at school today, brought their suitcases to school and attended the first 3 lessons with their partners. We then had a brief farewell where there some tears were witnessed, no names mentioned! (This isactually a very good sign, which any teacher who has organised an exchange will understand). We then drove to the airport, checked in and had a very prompt departure back to London Heathrow. After a small amount of drama trying to find the coach, a large amount of Kinder chocolate products eaten and a huge amount of rain, we arrived back at Tomlinscote 5 minutes after our scheduled arrival time (gutes deutsches Timing!) All students left quickly in the rain, but a great time was had by all. We already look forward to Wendlingen 2015.

French Exchange - we're coming back

Back in Britain - arrival at Tomlinscote due at 4.00PM as planned.

Congratulations to all students involved for their commitment, enthusiasm and friendliness.

Miss Streeter and Mr Daniel

Monday, 13 October 2014

French Exchange - last day in Lille!

Today, whilst Year 9 and 10 pupils attended a few more lessons with their partners, Year 12 students spent more time with Primary School children. As well as acting as classroom assistants, they did some presentations on French people's favourite topics of interest: British food, the Royal Family, school uniforms, London transport and famous landmarks.

They absolutely loved the attention paid to them.

(Unfortunately, we did not manage to make it to every classroom where 6th Formers were helping - apologies to the students who do not feature on this blog).

In the afternoon, Miss Streeter organised a photography competition in the centre of Lille for Year 9 and 10 students.

She was absolutely overwhelmed with the quality of the entries submitted. Here are a few sample pictures taken by Aidan, Nathan, Ollie and Tim.

After the last evening with families, we will be saying goodbye to the French and to Lille before returning to Tomlinscote tomorrow.

We are all looking forward to March when the French party will be coming over and we will be able to share all different aspects of our home and school life with them.

A bientôt.

German exchange - Montag, Tübingen

After a brief meeting at school, all 29 students made their way to the train station with Herr Bystricky from the RBG. We boarded the train and arrived in Tübingen with plenty of time to meet our tour guide, Elizabeth. We walked up and down many hills, got some pictures of the view over Tübingen and were shown other points of historical interest in the town.

After the tour, the students had some free time to get their lunch and spend the last of their money, before we headed to the meeting point for the Stocherkahnfahrt (punting!). After climbing precariously on to the boat, the two boats set off, professionally punted by our two guides. 

There was some rocking but all stayed safe and dry, and even had time to chant at one guide who Jacob decided to nickname 'Günter' which he loved! 

We then had some free time in the park before heading back to the train station and the students were then met in Wendlingen to spend their final evening with their partners.

Will there be lots of tears tomorrow....we'll have to wait and see!