Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Student of the Month - November 2011

This month, we are celebrating the following students:

For Japanese, Ms Yamanouchi has declared Rianna Waren in 9Q as her student of the month for November. Well done to Rianna!

Madame Boniface, one of our MFL outreach teachers, is nominating a whole class for a special mention here: Year 6 studying French at Lakeside Primary School have done amazing work on the song 'Sur sous dans devant derriere' and have produced excellent written work about their homes and bedrooms. Also their attitude towards learning French is superb and it is a pleasure to teach them!

For Spanish, our student of the month is Halle Fowler in 9Q. She is working exceptionally hard in Spanish this year and has produced this beautiful weather forecast for Mrs Metcalfe. Very impressive work!

Friday, 25 November 2011

Meine Haustiere - primary pets

Frau Mahler's Year 6 German classes at Ravenscote Junior School have been describing their pets. Here are some examples: These are Sophie B's cats!

...and here is Max B's dog!

and here is Rebecca R -with Calum's guinea pig!

Sind sie nicht wunderbar!?

Transition Project KS2-3

All year 7 classes have taken part in a KS2 -3 transition project in which children had to produce a video about their school. Building on language learned in primary school and extending it with new structues and vocabulary, pupils had to write a script in French or German and film it using flipcams or the webcams on their laptops. Each class then chose the best videos and these were shown to other classes on the 23 of November.

Here is the fabulous result of one of the groups!

They are Funmi, Hannah, Caroline, Charlotte, Lucy L, Lucy M all in 7Y. Magnifique!

(It might take a while for the video to load - please be patient -it is worth the wait!)

German video - Improve your English!

Have a look at this hilarious video. It's not just other languages which are difficult to learn. Foreigners struggle with English, too....


Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Primary Languages: Laternen

As part of their outreach MFL lessons provided by Tomlinscote, children in year 5 at Ravenscote Junior School have enjoyed a visit by a teacher from Germany telling them about the German tradition of Laternelaufen and showing them how to make lanterns.
Here are some of them:

Saturday, 19 November 2011

German exchange 2011 - reports

 Here are some accounts by students who took part in this year's exchange programme to Germany. They stayed for ten days with a German host family, went to school in Wendlingen and enjoyed day trips to the surrounding areas, like the Schwäbische Alb and Stuttgart. They had a great time!

die Schwäbische Alb, seen from the castle
das Schloss

in der Höhle

im Zoo

die Seehunde
If you are thinking of going next year, ask any of these lovely people if they enjoyed their time in Germany...

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

French video: Cette année là

Here's another slightly cheesy but very catchy French video recommended by Madame Merle! Enjoy!

Saturday, 12 November 2011


We didn't quite make it in the first month of the reinvigoration of the blog, but a few days later here we are:
1000 pageviews! Frau Mahler is happy! Danke schön, merci, gracias and thank you!

Any ideas, video, songs you'd like to see here, write a comment or a mail to mmahler@tomlinscote.surrey.sch.uk

Monday, 7 November 2011

Student of the Month - October 2011 (2)

We have more students of the month from the French department: Madame Rinjonneau has nominated
Phoebe Johnson in 8C and Victoria Ormston in 7K
as the students standing out for great work and effort! Fantastique!

The German department has declared Tia Giovanni in 8G student of the month.
Here is her very impressive writing assignment! Wunderbar!

Year 8 Writing Assesssment

Hallo! Ich heiße Tia und ich bin zwölf Jahre alt.  Mein Geburtstag ist am fünfundzwanzigsten Oktober. Am Wochenende fahre ich Rad. Zusätzlich spiele ich Fußball. Ich lese gern, weil es interresant ist. Am Samstag spiele ich Computerspielen, obwohl es langweilig ist. Mein Lieblingshobby ist Tanzen, weil es Spaß macht. Außerdem liebe ich Lesen. Dreimal pro Woche sehe ich Fern. Am Wochenende gehe ich gern mit meinen Freuden, Amy und Daniella, in die Stadt. Ich spiele gern Fußball mit meinen Freuden, Michelle, weil es Spaß macht. Samstags laufe ich, weil es friedlich ist. Ich fahre gern Rad mit meinen Freuden, obwohl es ziemlich langweilig ist. Sonntags, spiele ich Rugby, weil es toll ist. Letztes Wochenende bin ich in die Stadt gegangen, weil ich Apfelsaft kaufen musste. Außerdem habe ich Rugby mit meinen Freuden gespielt. Am Samstag bin ich Rad gefahren, weil es Spaß machte. Am Sonntag, bin ich ins Kino mit meinen Freunden, Sven und Michelle, gegangen. Zusätzlich habe ich Fisch und Chips gegessen. Ich habe Cola getrunken. Ich habe es sehr gut gefunden. Außerdem habe ich toll gefunden, weil es gern Rad gefahren. Schließlich habe ich es fantastich gefunden.
Tia Giovanni 8G

the Wonders of the German Language (Outnumbered)

James Smith from 6M/S in Ravenscote has brought this lovely clip to my attention.
It's from the BBC series 'Outnumbered' and features a German exchange student and some wise explanations on German compounds. "It's cool being German! It's like being Yoda." Couldn't agree more.
A big Danke schön to James!

Friday, 4 November 2011


We've had 10.000 visitors to our blog since it first came into existence (back in December 2007).

Since its refurbishment, we've had lots of people popping in and looking at what's happening at Tomlinscote and on our trips, and reading who's done wonderful work!

Scroll down to the revolving globe at the bottom to see where in the world people have looked at our blog (each click leaves a red dot). Tell your uncle in New Zealand that you're our student of the month and watch his dot appear. You can also see how many visitors we've had since the 7 October 2011. Currently 888!
Can we make it one thousand in the first month??

Tell all your friends the blog is back! 

Leave your comments and suggestions: What do you think of the blog? What do you want to see here?

Mr Daniel's Favourite Song

Here is Mr Daniel's current favourite French song:  
Help myself (Nous ne faisons que passer) by Gaëtan Roussel.
The album (Ginger) reached number 7 in the French charts and became platinum album (more than 100,000 copies sold). It also got the Rock Album of the Year award in 2011.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Student of the Month - Chinese comments

謝謝大大無私分享 感恩(>o<)

Have a look at our cool Chinese comments on the student of the month from May last year. They were waiting in the blog's spam folder, but I've been assured they are all genuine comments probably remarking on Katie Hammond's wonderful work! Check out the other comments as well by following the link!

你的努力我們都看見了--支持你    on Students of the Month, May 2010
PS Can someone translate them for me???

Student of the Month - October 2011

Our fantastic students of the month for October are:

For Japanese it's Georgina Rawlings from 11 X!
Well done to you! It's amazing how many of our students give up their free time to learn Japanese and Chinese early in the mornings or in the afternoons. Respect to you all!  You're all stars!!

For the French department, we have Jacob Davenport, Patrick Lynch, Lewis Reid, Ryan Taylor, Alfie Ashley  and  Scott Simpkin, all from 7Y.

The boys produced this lovely and very accurate piece of work together as part of their KS2 to KS3 transition project. We're looking forward to seeing the videos our year seven classes are currently filming about their new school! All in French and German! Watch this space!

German and Spanish to follow soon! Check the blog next week!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

French video: Lalalele

Here is another suggestion by Madame Merle: the la le song -a bit of brainwashing about the articles in French.
Listen to the whole song and see if you can resist singing along! Lalalalalalalalala -feminine....

Do leave a comment!

Have YOU come across any great or silly videos in another language? Sends us the link via the comments!
Maybe we can feature it on the blog for everyone to see!