Friday, 26 April 2013

Fantastic work in our feeder school

Pupils in one of our primary feeders (the outstanding Ravenscote Junior School) have produced lovely work about their families and made their teacher Frau Mahler very proud.

A special mention goes to Khadeejah Hullemuth, Georgina Wickens, Kiran Sahota, Daniel Key-Nagy, Zaima Hossain, Jessica Thomas, Lara Bass, Georgina Wither who won lovely prizes, but a huge number of other year 6 kids have also produced excellent work, putting superb effort in their writing and presention and showing off their creativity and linguistic skills after not even two years of German.


For privacy reasons, we only display work without photos, but they give you a very good idea of the amazing quality of work, for example by Tabitha Minson, Moses Olweny, Adriana Wilk and Andrew MilneSuper Arbeit!

Year 8 Trip to Spain

Palacio de Cibeles in Madrid
On Thursday, 32 pupils in year 8 students and two year 11 students have left for Madrid to practise their their language skills  and explore the Spanish capital city. They are accompanied by Ms Metcalfe, Ms Atkinson, Mr Quintana and our foreign language assistant Natalia, who was very exited to have the opportunity to show the children around her home town! 

Thursday, 18 April 2013

EuroNews - news clips in lots of languages

If you're interested in the news and would like to practice your language skills - or if you just want to listen to some Russian out of curiosity here is a fantastic MFL private study resource for you: The youtube channels by Euronews provide short news clips in different languages: Under 'show more' you can even read along with the transcript!

click on the word for news clips in:


and English in case you want to check you understood it right...

Thank you to Madame Petros and Helen Myers for the tip!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Tomlinscote teachers running the London Marathon

Mr Daniel, our very own head of the MFL department, is going to run the London marathon this weekend in support of the children's hospice charity Shooting Star CHASE. After several months of gruelling training (and so much weight loss his clothes hardly fit anymore), Monsieur Daniel will tackle more than 26 miles this Sunday, together with Tomlinscote's Mr Regan and Ms Barnes. We are grateful to their commitment and wish them the best of luck in the race.

If you want to support them by a donation, please click on the picture and give generously!

Merci beaucoup! Vielen Dank! Muchas Gracias!

Les Choristes - Fantastic French Work

Madame Merle's Year 8s have watched the beautiful film 'Les Choristes' (the choir) and students have then produced these excellent descriptions of the plot and the main characters in very impressive language. Magnifique!

This work is by Hannah Sizmur, Katie Moys, Catherine Bell and Ella Alexander:

Here are the descriptions by Lauren Wiggins, Lynsey Savage and Lucy Morley:

Here is the poster by Patrick Lynch, Ollie Walker and Jacob Davenport

Here is the trailer of the film 'Les Choristes', which was nominated for an Oscar as Best Foreign Film in 2005:

If you got curious and would like to watch the whole film -with English subtitles - click on the picture to follow the link: