Thursday, 31 January 2013

Student of the Month - January 2013

The first Student of the Month in 2013 is Kavita Sahota in 8G who has dazzled her German teachers with fantastic work and excellent effort!
Also Michael Kelliher in 8R has been showing his star quality with consistent hard work in German lessons and was nominated as second Student of the Month for January.

Wunderbar! Very well done to both of you!

Can we also take this opportunity to thank Katia Petros for stepping in as MFL assistant helping French classes with conversation and cultural background (after the sudden departure of Manon).We wish Katia the very best of luck in her new job!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Spanish Lady Bla bla conjugation song

If you are struggling with verb endings in Spanish, here is a song for you. Listen to it till the end, and
you'll never forget the right endings for hablar, bailar and so on.
Sounds like this Spanish teacher and her class had a lot of fun producing this song...

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

MFL Song: Spanish: Amaral: "Son mis amigos"

For all you Spanish learners, here is a beautiful song recommended by Natalia, our assistant: 
It's called Son mis amigos and is all about friendship: Do you understand some of the lyrics?

The people in the video aren't the members of the band Amaral who sing it, but just some Spanish girls who like the song and wanted to show the world their great friendship! What do you think?

Here is the song again with the lyrics to help you understand everything!

Monday, 28 January 2013

What so funny about German?

Here's a German comedian (!) explaining the ins and out of the German language.

Henning Wehn has been performing stand-up comedy in England for a while and has produced these clips for the BBC. 
Viel Spaß!

First up: the difficulty of the three genders of German nouns:

(you need javascript enabled and flash installed, otherwise this BBC video won't play)

And here is another one about German compounds and the fact that you can make words that seem endless!


Follow this link to watch them all

Which one is your favourite? 
Write a comment here to share your views!

Monday, 21 January 2013

MFL Music Videos: French: "Mali-ko (La Paix)"

Here is a video by 'Voices United for Mail' partly in French and with French subtitles.
A group of musicians from Mali and various French speaking countries in Africa have released this song 'Mali-ko' (Peace / La Paix) recently to campaign for peace in Mali.
Do you understand the writing?

MFL music videos: German: Seeed: "Augenbling"

Here is another German song from the current charts: Seeed with Augenbling.
"Deine Augen machen bling bling, und alles ist vergessen..."

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

MFL music videos: French: "Coups et Blessures" & "C'est la Vie"

Here is another sample from the French charts: BB Brunes with the song Coups et Blessures, which has been in the top 100 for the last half year and is still going strong.

What do you think? Does the band remind you of any British bands?

And here is another song very popular on youtube with over 15 million hits: Khaled with C'est la vie. Most of the song is in Arabic, but French learners can join in the chorus: On va s'aimer....On va danser....Oui c'est la vie.. Lalalala

Ich habe ein Pony Song

In reply to 'le poussin piou', here is a German video with lots of animals. MFL teachers and your parents my remember this from their lessons many years ago, just like the person who put this video on youtube:

"It's been almost a decade and this song we learnt in German class still sticks in my head. So I found it and made a tacky video to stick it on YouTube for all you ex pupils wallowing in nostalgia."

It's called 'Ich habe ein Pony' and went with the beautiful textbook Auf Deutsch 1.

Do you recognise the names of all the animals? Including their plural forms? Feel free to sing along... 

French Song: Le Poussin Piou

Here is a strange song by Pulcino Pio: Originally from Italy, where it has been a youtube sensation and summer hit (???), the French version of the video has had already 17 million views. And it is actually on number 10 in the charts in France at the moment...Unbelievable!
It is called Le Poussin Piou....Do you understand the names for the different animals?

...and do watch it till the end....

And now EVERYBODY: Here is the karaoke version:


Note also how even the animals speak different languages:
The English speaking dog goes woof, the German says wau, the Italian bau and the French barks ouaf ouaf! How strange!

MFL Music Videos: German: Cro: "Einmal um die Welt"

Frohes Neues Jahr, Próspero Año Nuevo, Bonne année etc.

Let's start the happy new year with some MFL music suggestions:

Here is a new song by Cro (who always wears a mask in public, so his child alter ego in this clip does the same): It's called 'Einmal um die Welt' and deals with not worrying about money but jetting around the world regardless....It's in the top ten in Germany at the moment.