Monday, 29 June 2015

Student of the month - June 2015

Here are this month's star students:


Leah Rushforth -7G
Mr Daniel
Commitment, interest and achievement in French.
Lucy Morley -10Y
Mrs Metcalfe
Consistent hard work and enthusiasm in Spanish.
Eliza Lopez - 7P
Mrs Chandra
Great effort and progress in French.
Lucy Morley - 10Y 
Miss Merle
For being brilliant at French and always stretching herself.
Tommy Tobiasz - 7G
Mrs Christian
Consistent hard work and effort in German.
Peter Attfield, 8X
Miss Ryan
Consistent hard work in French.
Luke Pearson - 9Y
Mr Quintana
Fantastic start with IGCSE Spanish
Katie Moys - 10M  
Miss Intxaurbe Ortiz
Brilliant organisation and hard work in her Spanish Speaking Booklet.
Callum Ordish- 8H
Miss Allen
Always trying his best and his excellent attitude towards German.
Lauren Selway 8H
Mrs Sparkes
Constant effort and always trying her hardest.
Tristan Dullforce 8G
Mrs Savochkin
For consistent hard work and for always smiling!
Kiran Cheema 10G
Mrs Davies
Consistent hard work and effort in German.


Sunday, 28 June 2015

Germany trip: das Fliegerlied

Here is your favourite song from the Germany trip : D
The whole coach was singing along and dancing!

Friday, 26 June 2015

German trip- Coming home

Both coaches made in onto our ferry in the nick of time due to the impeccable behaviour of the children going through border control. As we've come accustomed to, Tomlinscote students are the best behaved on the boat.
Provided we don't run into too much traffic we should get home on time.

Germany was amazing! We had so much fun and the fact that we were in a different country made it ten times better. My favourite part was the food that I tried because I found new foods that I will now eat at home!
By Isabella Kelly

In Germany we did lots of things and had lots of fun!the day I enjoyed the most was phantasia land. There were lots of things to do but not that much time to do it in. 
By Megan Treece

I thought getting up for the German trip would be hard and I would sleep on the coach, but it turned out I didn't as I was too excited. I enjoyed the independence we were given and the meals were good. My favourite part of the week was phantasia land as I'm a rollar coaster lover and the rides were similar to thorpe park.
By Megan Alcorn

This trip has been amazing for the whole time. There has been some incredible things the see and do. One of the best experiences was the castle because we learnt loads of new infomation about the history of Germany. But we have to thank the teachers and staff who helped us have these amazing opportunities and have some brilliant amounts of fun. We would also like to thank the people who worked at the Hotel Anker. One of the other things we did was go to Phantasialand where despite lots of us students had fears of rides and rollercoasters, many of us really tried putting an effort in to make the day more enjoyable for the others. Once again we want to say a huge thank you to everyone who made everyone have probably the most fun so far at Tomlinscote.
Dan W and Matt S

Germany last day

After a lovely meal of Frikadellen, Bratkartoffeln und Erbsen last night (meatballs, panfried potatoes and peas) we had a disco during which some people showed off their special dance skills. 

Now we're on our way back home: soon we had to say goodbye to the pretty vinyards along the river Mosel and have a day of travelling on the Autobahn. But we have a plentiful supply of DVDs and music, and I'm sure we'll be dancing and singing along to our new favourite German song a few more times! 

Here are some more comments about the trip:

The week has been amazing! Ich liebe Deutschland jetzt! (Now I love Germany) It has been a great experience and I've learnt more about the German lifestyle. Ich finde meine deutsch Freunde toll! My German pen pal was very nice and friendly, we also exchanged contact details and took many photos together. The school was very fun as they were very welcoming and even made a spread of waffles for us-which were very delicious. Also, shopping in the town was great as we got to use our German vocabularly with the people in the towns. I think that when I go to England I'll still be saying- ich m├Âchte eine kleine Pommes bitte! PhantasiaLand was also sehr lustig. One thing I liked most about this trip was that we were given a lot of responsibilities and freedom to go round in groups but were also safe every second of the trip. I  would love to come back and do the German exchange in year 9!
Beau McDonald

This week was super und unsere deutschen Freunde waren fantastisch! Ich finde es toll und interessant!

Lena H,  Hattie P & Caitlin F ­čśś

It's been a fantastic week: the children have been a pleasure to be with: enthusiastic, well-behaved, punctual and  easy-going. They had a great time all round! 
If you enjoyed these updates on the blog (which have been quite a challenge due to some technological troubles) do leave a comment!
More photos will be uploaded soon on the shared area on the school network...

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Year 7 French trip - Day 4. Souvenir challenge winners!

Bonsoir à tous!

As we mentioned earlier, everyone was set the challenge of finding the best and most French souvenir they could, with their budget allocated by Miss Merle. Here are the winners and their souvenirs - well done!

Catherine 7R
Megan 7G
Emma 7H
Noah 7G
Grace 7P
Nina 7Q
Jess 7Y
Alex 7H

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Isabelle!

Today it is Isabelle's birthday! If you can't spend your birthday with your family, the next best thing is probably to go to a theme park with lots of friends, followed by a nice meal with cake and 120 children singing for you and finished with a disco!
Herzlichen Gl├╝ckwunsch!

Germany - the food

See below for a group photo from coach 2. Can you spot your child?

Here are some more reports on the food:

So far I have found all of the soup amazing as it has a variety of different flavours. My personal favourite was the first soup that we had. I think that it was  a broccoli cheddar and carrot soup. These flavours were amazing as they mixed well together and created  a tremendously good dish. 

My favourite main meal was the pasta that we had on Wednesday. The sauce was a meat sauce that had beef and mince in it.  The pasta was amazing because it was freshly cooked and warm. 
I haven't had any of the delicious puddings as I was to full up on the delicious food. Overall it was amazing! Thank you. 
Lewis C

Our food over the week has been great as there was a variety of unique German food. So far we have had meatballs, pasta, schnitzel and bratwurst. 

George F

Phantasialand report

Phantasialand was one of the best parts of our trip to Germany. Our favourite ride was the colorado adventure because it was really fast and you got to go in the dark where you couldn't see any thing (so you couldn't tell which way up you were!)

We had to stay in groups of four but we lost some people so we went around with Miss Hutchison, Mr Gamble, Mrs Sparkes and Mr Rollason which meant we could still go on the rides even if we lost some of our group. 
Phantasialand was the best day of the trip and  I wish we could do it again !!!

Marisa and Amber

Year 7 French trip - Day 4.

Bonjour à tous!

Today we have been to Amboise, where we visited the house where Leonardo Da Vinci lived and died, Clos Luc├ę, and Ch├óteau Amboise, where the King and Queen of France once lived. We also spent time in the picturesque town of Amboise, where not only did everyone have to buy their own lunch, but we also had a challenge to complete - Miss Merle allocated everyone a budget with the task to find the most unique, most French souvenir. Results to be decided later!

At the moment everyone is packing, and we're anticipating a smooth journey home tomorrow. See you then!

Germany Day 4: Phantasialand!!!!

Coach 2 - day 3 :at the school & phantasialand 1

We  went to a German all-girls school and we met some girls and translated stuff that was on the sheet. After that we played football, it was such banter! Then we had some food including waffles.  It was so nice !!  Finally we had a tour around the whole school. It was really big!

Written by Adam Teale 

We went to the school and it was a girl school you hade to pair up with a German person and tell them about yourself. I made a few friends. I think that my group was very naughty and we play knock down ginger and run away but it was fun. Later we had to do sport with them. It was a lot of fun at that school!     
   By joshua crawle young 7M

Now both coaches are at Phantasialand in beautiful sunshine! For some children the fun started with a slight delay! Let this be a warning for future travellers: we mean these threats of taking time off the theme park for silly behaviour...

Report from coach 2

Today we're going to Phantasialand, a wonderful theme park near Cologne! 
The children are VERY excited! 

Here is a report on the first days of our trip by Dan Cooke: 

After a tedious coach journey, the ever excited coach 2 students were relieved to finally arive in Germany. We gratefully accepted our keys and went to our rooms. Before walking next to the meandering Mosel, we briefly unpacked our belongings in addition to becoming familiar with the Anker Hotel.

Waking up at around a very early quarter to seven,  most of us having showered, dressed, and packed for the adventurous day ahead, the hotel served us breakfast. Later on, we travelled to Boppard, where the heavens opened on two separate occasions drenching us busy shoppers. The treasure hunt was quite challenging, we had to collect certain items in the village while translating the statements to find out what they meant. The rain eventually stopped, which allowed us to go on the Boppard chairlift: it had spectacular views of Boppard and the surrounding Rhein Valley. When the sky grew a grey cover, we knew it was time to leave. Having rushed to the coach in the pouring rain, we went to marksburg castle. Unfortunately on the way 2 oncoming coaches and several following cars prevented us from reaching the top of the hill. The driver had to carefully manoeuvre back down the hill to let the traffic pass. Penultimately, we viewed the castle, after a successful attempt at climbing the hill. It was extremley well kept. Then we went back to the hotel to have schnitzel for dinner and a music quiz after. Frau Mahler expertly DJ'd the evening with help from Herr Rollason. Many classic songs where played, which most the teachers danced to. All in all it was a fantastic day! 

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Herzlichen Gl├╝ckwunsch, Jack!

Jack had a lovely birthday today despite being far away from home! 

Year 7 French trip - Day 3.

Bonjour à tous!

Today we have been in La Rochelle, a beautiful port with a famous aquarium. We started the day by exploring the town and having a look round the shops. Everyone had to order their own lunch in French, and then we met up again for the short walk to the aquarium.
Inside, we saw all kinds of sea-dwelling creatures, including stingrays, sharks, sawfish and seahorses. Miss Merle treated everyone to an ice cream to finish off the day so we headed home with lots of smiling faces!
We are enjoying a quiet evening now, as we have another busy day planned tomorrow. Keep checking back for more updates!

Day 3 Germany

Today we went to boppard chair lift and Marksburg castle. Most of us got sunglasses when we had lunch and went around the town. Before lunch we did a  treasure hunt in German, which was hard but great fun and a test of teamwork.

Marksburg castle was huge and was hard to find yourself around but was beautiful and admiring at the same time.

Tonight is the talent show. We will be shocked, impressed and hopefully entertained all at once! Let the search for Year 7's Most Talented commence...! 
By Catherine Cooke and  Holly Dance AKA Coach's best dancers!

Another report from Germany

Dear diary,

Today we went to Koblenz where we met some school children at their German Hogwarts like school. They made us a lovely breakfast which included pretzels and jam on toast plus lots more. Later on in the day we went to a very interesting print room, where he taught us about how printing originated. After visiting the school we then walked to a nearby town where we got lunch from different places like bakeries and ice cream parlours. All the food we had we ordered in German -this was challenging but everybody finally understood it. We then all walked round the town buying souvenirs. Unfortunately, when had finished and we were walking to the coach it started chucking it down with rain so everyone had to sprint to the coach. Once we had finished in the town we headed to the town of Koblenz , this was more of a city with more skyscrapers and business men. We were going to the town/ city to visit the Deutsches Eck , were the 2 river merge into 1 (the Mosel and the Rhine. We also went there to visit an amazing piece of the Berlin wall which had been preserve impeccably. When we got back to the hotel we changed clothes because  unfortunately they were still wet from earlier. At dinner the starter was a very flavoursome mushroom soup. When it came out I though I wouldn't like it however it was lovely like the pea soup the night before. Then we had schnitzel with chips which was very nice. Once we had had all our diner the waitresses bought out some ice cream  sandwiches with 3 different types of ice cream, strawberry chocolate and vanilla.  Finally we were all dismissed table by table and channelled down to the function room. Frau Mahler pretended to be a DJ at the music quiz and Mr Rollason played some old songs that only teachers really knew.  

I think it goes without saying that this trip is AMAZING!

By Jack Polley and Olly Wingfield 

Sorry that the reports have been mainly from coach 1. We are having trouble with the internet so bear with us... There will be more pictures and reports soon. Be assured that both groups are having a lot of fun in Germany!

Year 7 French trip - day 2 evening.

This was us last night at the Futuroscope park, and a snippet of the show. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Year 7 French trip - day 2.

Bonjour à tous!

Today we have been exploring the Parc Futuroscope - a futuristic science park - where we have been on an 'Arthur and the Minimoys' ride, seen the classic French character Le Petit Prince, and discovered even more fantastic rides. Luckily the sun has been out all day, because some of the water rides proved a little too tempting for some! After drying off, we went back to the hotel to have dinner in the restaurant and we are going back to the park this evening for the light show. More pictures below, as well as a video of the 'Dancing with Robots' ride which was terrifying!