Friday, 27 June 2008

Year 7 Germany 2008

We are back! Year 7 German students enjoyed a visit to the Rhineland this week, and here is a small sample of photographs! Enjoy!

Ladies that lunch!!

Boppard chairlift

Views from the Boppard chairlift

Our hotel - Hotel Anker


Tuesday, 17 June 2008

French and History

A group of 30 year 9 students have been studying History through the medium of French. The 8 week module on ‘La France sous l’occupation’ is part of the CLIL project (Content and Language Integrated Learning).

Students had to sum up the consequences of the armistice signed between France and Germany on the 22nd June 1940 and the meeting between Hitler and the French leader, Maréchal Pétain on the 24th October 1940.

Robin Geddes

Richard Evans

Elisia Cox

Helen Day

Joanna Davidson

Ben Hayward

Rosanna Tabeart

Cassie Fraser

The German army on the Champs Elysées

Science and French

7P had a Science lesson where they were encouraged to write up their findings in French. Some of the work is shown below. Their Science teacher is not a French specialist, so we think that they have all done a fabulous job!

Megan Cole

Bethany Reed

Saad Ahmad

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Exciting work in MFL

This half-term, students are working on some exciting projects in the MFL department. They are working on CLIL - Content and Language Integrated Learning. This is where students learn about a subject outside of MFL, like History or Geography, in the Modern Foreign Language. Watch this space! Students' work will be displayed shortly. The Science Department here at Tomlinscote have also produced some work in French, which will also be on display on this blog.