Saturday, 29 June 2013

Germany Year 7 trip - one more report & pictures

The best day had to be the chair lift. I liked it because the view was spectacular. Also, it did not go fast, so the heights did not matter much. Some bits were steep but the thing that got me through it was talking to the person next to me. After the chair lift we went to the castle which was really old. We were given a great tour and the lady who walked us round had a joke with us which made us all pay attention. The best room was the bedroom because it was the most interesting. (like that they slept in a sitting position because they associated lying flat with being dead). There was also information about the history about who owned the castles over the years. I really enjoyed it and it was a fantastic day. 
Hannah Smith
with help by Faye Davies Wild

the lucky crew of the Partybus

view from the chairlift over the Rhine
almost made it...
posing along the river Rhine


in Marksburg castle

he hadn't even been naughty...

in Phantasialand with birthday boy and Frau Bauer
still smiling before the ride


it looks pretty harmless....

They had a great time -  Mrs Kent fell in love with Germany and will be back for sure!
coach 2 at the Deutsches Eck - what a lovely bunch!


Friday, 28 June 2013

Coming Home - Germany Trip Year 7

We're on the ferry home, having entertained (or freaked out?) the other coaches in the queue by singing and dancing along with the Flieger Lied, making the coach rock.
Soon the children will be reunited with their parents and staff can finally rest...
We've had lots of fun, too, and were impressed with the general behaviour of our children (although their table manners needed some refinement). Some have stood out with impeccable manners, thanking drivers and staff in English, German and Welsh.
They've been a joy to be with and have represented Tomlinscote School very well!

Here is another account of the visit to the school:

Going to the German School was fun and interesting. The students were friendly and really excited about us being there. First we went into a classroom and a German teacher told us about the school, which was good. Before the end of the visit we had a tour by the students and they were almost fluent in English. Their English was far better than our German they spoke clearly. 
We spoke both German and English, and   both English and German students felt relaxed. I had a great time and I would do  it again.
By Eloise Scott 7Y

Some impressions of the day in school:
it used to be a cloister
working with their German fellow students


Pupils' Views of the Germany Trip 2013

I am having a great time in Germany! I have seen so many things that I would not see in England. Like, a shop full of post cards and nothing else, GUMMY BEAR SHOP and so many other things!
As I am having a good time,  and I felt like staying here in Germany and NOT going back to England! If I were to come back to Germany, I would visit more places in this area and I would learn more German!
I have had a great time and I would like to  come again!!
Marina V.

Germany I have to say is the best trip I've ever been on because we did all sort of fun things like going to town and other places like the castle. Phantasia land was the best bit and we had to walk around in a group of at least 4 otherwise we could have got lost if you're on your own. The best ride would have to be the dropper in the dark because it is unexpected. When we were going to Phantasialand everyone is so excited, and when you go in you see a massive tower and that's the dropper! The theme was Mexico, China town and others. I had so much fun and I hope the year 7 next year have fun too!!

Taylor Corkery

The best part was Phantasia land and Marksburg castle and the Boppard chair lift. 
I am grateful for the staff organising and helping us through the trip especially the coach drivers and Mrs Sparkes and Frau Mahler. 
Tom V.

Alles klar?? Alles klar!!

singing and dancing with the Fliegerlied

Die Bratwurst in Deutschland ist lecker!

Year 7 in France - Day 5

After an evening of packing, dining and then some free time playing football together at the hotel, we were woken early this morning ready for the long journey back. Cases had to be loaded onto the coaches before breakfast but spirits remained high, despite the hour!

We've all become quite used to having croissants for breakfast!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Year 7 German Trip day four

Today we went to Phantasialand, the oldest theme park in Europe!
Children braved all the scariest rides like Black Mamba, the Colorado roller coaster and the Night Hawk which is pitch black all the way - some thrillseekers went on them more than seven times.
Despite getting soaked on the water rides, our kids had a fantastic time!

It was also Gio's birthday today, and he had the perfect day: a theme park visit with all his friends, a lovely dinner of Bratwurst and Bratkartoffeln, with a birthday cake for dessert, followed by a disco! 
Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!

Year 7 in France - Day 4

It was an early start this morning: breakfast at 7am and on the coach by 8am. We travelled to Amboise, in the Loire Valley, to visit the château that was once home to King François I and his Court. We were toured by guides who explained all about the history of the château: its former scale and grandeur, its owners and the part they played in French history, as well as the styles and symbolism reflected in the château’s architecture and decorative features.


After touring the château, students were given some time to explore the medieval streets of Amboise before making our way to Le Clos Lucé – the manor house where Leonardo da Vinci, at the invitation of King François I, spent the last years of his life.
Although the house itself is tranquil and furnished in a manner that da Vinci might have recognised, the real fascination of this place lies in the exhibition of da Vinci’s inventions situated in the basement of the house, many of which have been recreated as life-size versions in the grounds of the house.

Today was Frankie's birthday. When asked, "What do you think about the trip so far?" he responded, "It's a really active trip; there's no time to get bored, and I really like French food."

 And we all agree!

Year 7 Germany Trip Day Three

Today, after a slightly later breakfast of bread rolls with cold meat and cheese, coach 1 set off for the route coach 2 completed yesterday.
Coach 2's children went off on a treasure hunt with the back drop of picturesque timber-frame houses in Limburg, finding various items and enlisting the help of the locals. They also found lovely ice-cream and Bratwurst. Some spoil sports also found an American hamburger restaurant. Booo!
In the afternoon, coach 2 visited the Deutsches Eck, sight of the confluence of the rivers Moselle and Rhine and went into Koblenz for some more gift shopping. 
After dinner of penne bolognese (and chips!?) children showed off their talents in the party room: we were entertained by jokes, saw fabulous dancing and heard fantastic singing. In top spot were Eliza and Prima wowing the crowd with an a capella rendition of Someone Like You and Gio singing along in Korean.

Tomorrow we're off to Fantasialand!!
the treasure hunt in Limburg

Ich  möchte ein Eis, bitte.

buying Erdbeeren at the Markt

noch eine leckere Bratwurst

am deutsches Eck- you can see the two different colours of the rivers merging

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Year 7 in France - Day 3

Everyone enjoyed last night’s spectacle de son et lumière in the Futuroscope park. The show, new for 2013, was called ‘Lady Ô’.
Set to a modern, symphonic musical score, the story appeared to be influenced by ‘War of the Worlds’ but in this instance, the destruction and fire wrought by alien machines was defeated by colourful lights, a lot of water, a little dancing … oh, and some dolphins (projected, that is, not real!).
Having had a day without travel yesterday, today we were back on the coaches to visit the historic port of La Rochelle.

We arrived just after midday and were able to have a look around the town.
The students had responsibility for deciding what they would like for lunch, so many of them proved once again an ability to use their linguistic skill to order and pay for their food and drink.
Miss Bennett ordered Moules Crème for her lunch and was surprised to find this tiny specimen at the bottom of her pot!
After lunch we made our way to the famous aquarium where we were amazed to see the colours, shapes and sizes of sea creatures from around the world: eels, turtles, sharks, star fish, clown fish, jellyfish, wrasse, bass, seahorses, octopus and nautilus – to name just a small selection!
The fish just to the left is a type of wrasse. The French name for this species of fish is 'Napoléon'!


Like yesterday, the weather has been pleasantly warm and sunny so everyone was glad to be bought an ice lolly by Ms Merle. Merci beaucoup!