Monday, 16 October 2017

French Exchange 2017 - Paris

On Friday, Tomlinscote & French students hit the road in order to spend some time discovering a few landmarks in the capital city.



French Exchange 2017 - time in school

On Thursday, our students sampled the French education system. Amongst several reports that lessons are not as engaging as Tomlinscote's(!), the time spent with younger students was deemed to be very enjoyable and rewarding.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

German exchange - Thursday

We started the day in school.  Ten of our students were in one German class and they played games in a circle.  First they learnt a German name game and then taught the German students "Splat"!  They finished with a game that involved swapping places if you met certain criteria.  The English students spoke German and the German students spoke English during the game - perfect! 

 Then we went to the Rathaus (town hall) and had a talk from the Bürgermeister (mayor).  The students asked good questions and then signed the visitor's book.  Two were able to find where they had signed it last year.

Then we returned to school and our students were able to work with younger German students in the classroom. 

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

French Exchange 2017 - our adventures so far

Tuesday 10th October: departure from Tomlinscote at 4.30AM. A bit early for some...

After a smooth journey down to Ashford International station, we waited patiently for our Eurostar.

The train journey itself was very quick and rather dull - despite trying our best, we could not spot any fish out the windows whilst in the tunnel under the Channel.

We felt rather honoured that, not only was Mr Daullet present at Lille station to greet us, but also Mr Fleter, Headteacher of the French partner school.

We then proceeded to discover our new surroundings, including Notre Dame de la Paix school.

We also started to embrace French culture and traditions with a short stop in a French café for a hot chocolate and a game of cards.

At last, it was then time to meet our French partners in the flesh and have lunch with them.

The rest of the day was spent discovering Lille and its metropolis on foot and on the City Tour bus.

All in all, a really long day that left us all exhausted.

Wednesday 11th October: market time, on the square right in front of the school. What better than some fresh strawberries, grapes and roast chicken sandwiches at 9.30AM?
Communication with the locals started to become that little bit easier and more natural.

The final stage for the morning included the treasure hunt.

We finally returned to the school in order to catch up with our partners and take part in their afternoon activities.

Tomorrow, lesson time...