Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Students of the Month - Mai 2015

Congratulations to these wonderful hard working students! 

Thurshan Tharmakulasingam 10M
For enthusiasm, perseverance and progress
A Daniel
Emily Packam
Always trying her best in Spanish and excellent asset languages results.
A Metcalfe
Tyler Wells
Excellent work ethic and great progress in French
A Chandra
Nathan Vincent
Level 6 in Writing exam and excellent participation in class.
B Merle
Thomas Flaherty 7G
ALWAYS tries his very best, concentrates fully ALL the time and is a very mature and conscientious young student.
E Christian
Max Gaulton
Hard work finally paid off in his French exam
H Ryan
Alexia Coburn
Outstanding classwork/ homework and fantastic assessment results
H Quintana
Hannah Dunnage 9M
For continued hard work, excellent progress and excellent asset languages results in Spanish.
K Intxaurbe Ortiz
Catherine Westgate  10H
Continued hard work and positive attitude in German.
L Allen
Matthew Southall 10P
Outstanding effort and improvement in written work
L Sparkes
Declan O'Leary
Excellent independent study skills in Japanese.
P Rollason
Freya McQuade
Hard work and enthusiasm in German.
R Savochkin
Joe Parsons
Excellent work, effort and participation in German
S Davies
Indi Singh
Constant hard work in Chinese
S Chapman

Monday, 18 May 2015

FSM : Elle me dit - Mika

Bonjour à vous!

Aujourd'hui une chanson par le célèbre Mika! Je suis sûre que vous connaissez tous Mika! Il chante en anglais et en français.

Allez, pas beaucoup d'effort à faire cette semaine! Tout est dans la video :)

A la prochaine!


Monday, 11 May 2015

FSM : Superbus - Radio Song

Hello everyone

I've decided to post another song from when I was young!
Superbus was a very popular pop, rock, power pop (whatever that means) band, with ska influence.

The songs are really addictive!

J'en ai jamais assez, je suis vite lassée,
Je voudrais combler ce manque
Mon obsession me hante,
J'en ai jamais assez, je voudrais bien trouver
Que j'ai beaucoup de chance,
Me rendre à l'évidence,

We are we are on the radio now, the radio now !

J'en ai jamais assez, je vois toujours après,
Des fois je me demande
Comment je peux m'y prendre
J'en ai jamais assez, je suis vite lassée,
Je suis jamais contente,
On dit que je suis chiante,

We are we are on the radio now, the radio now !

J'en ai jamais assez, j'aimerais bien penser
A 2 centimètres à l'heure pour éviter les pleurs,
J'en ai jamais assez, je suis vite lassée,
Il faudrait que j'entende, un jour tu seras grande,

We are we are on the radio now, the radio now !

Here is another song! It's quite simple but it'll make you happy, I promise.



Friday, 1 May 2015

Student of the Month April 2015

Put your hands together for April's super linguists!!

Magnifique! Wunderbar! Fantástico!
L Sparkes
Danny McNeill
Exceptional speaking assessment
E Christian
Leah Juneja
Excellent attitude and effort - totally proactive learner and applies advice immediately
H Quintana
Daisy Smith
For her outstanding assessment results and trying to speak and learn the language while in Barcelona.
L Allen
Genralle Singson
Consistently producing excellent work and taking advice on board
K Intxaurbe Ortiz
Matt Funnell
For excellent progress in Spanish
S Davies
Hana Khatib
Excellent effort, consistently strives to improve work. Always gives 110%.
A Metcalfe
Victoria Ormston 10K
For her very impressive improvement in her Reading assessment moving from F to B!!
A Chandra
Megan Mawer
Excellent progress in writing assessment, moving from d to B.
R Savochkin
Jack Dunlop
Excellent attitude and effort leading to continued progress. 
S Chapman
Isabelle Iacono
For great effort - improving from D now a consistent A.
B Merle
Louise McGaffney
For consistently working well, producing excellent work and being independent in her learning.