Friday, 27 February 2015

Student of the Month - February 2015

Here are this month's specially selected hard-working and excellent star students! 
Well done to all of you!

A Daniel
Sophie Tarr-9H
Perseverance and sustained effort
A Metcalfe
Ellen McCarthy-9Q
Outstanding progress and commitment
A Chandra
Jayson Munro-9R
Excellent focus and effort in French
B Merle
Marcus Dainton-11M
Constantly working hard with enthusiasm and interest
E Christian
Nathan Kingham-8G
Excellent focus and participation in lessons
H Ryan
Michael Brindley-9G
Consistently demonstrating the skills required to be an outstanding linguist
H Quintana
Tom Cooper -9P
Outstanding speaking presentation
K Intxaurbe Ortiz
Zaria Zaman-8Y
Excellent progress and positive attitude to learning
L Allen
Grace Bonner-7R
Continued hard work and effort in German
L Sparkes
Jack Bowes-11G
Vastly improved grade on a past IGCSE paper
P Rollason
Amelia Bell-8M
Excellent independent work in Japanese outside of lessons
R Savochkin
Andrew King-Carly - 8Q
Hard work and excellent progress
S Chapman
Tom Lara-10G
Hard work and enthusiasm in Chinese

Monday, 9 February 2015

FSM: RENAN LUCE - La lettre


Today's song is a song that was a huge hit a few years ago! The lyrics are super cute. But of course you'll need to read them and try to understand them. Hah! Wordreference is always here to help you as always!

Hope you enjoy it!


Thursday, 5 February 2015

Kölner Karneval - Carnival in Cologne

On the 16th of February millions of people will be celebrating Rosenmontag in Germany again. Young and old get dressed up in silly costumes and line the streets of many cities to take part and watch huge processions with music, dancers, brass bands, and giant floats from which the carnival princes and princesses throw tons of sweets.
Schools are closed on Monday and Faschings-Dienstag (Fat Tuesday), as in the evenings there are parties everywhere (at least in the more Southern Catholic parts of Germany).
Have a look at these impressions of the carnival in Cologne:

Search for Karneval on the right hand side for more info on this crazy time!

Watch a German news report on Carnival:

Here is a recent procession from Mainz, the second biggest procession. Listen to the people shout Kamelle (the carnival word for sweets) to have them thrown in their direction!

German song: Christina Stürmer - Millionen Lichter

Read the News in German

Have a look at this fabulous website which gives you the news in comprehensible (if challenging!) German!

Monday, 2 February 2015

German Exchange 2015

We are now recruiting students in year 9 and 10 for this year's German exchange!

Students will host a guest from Germany for ten days at the end of June/beginning of July and then fly to Stuttgart the beginning of October. For more details, go to  (click on letters, international visits & exchanges,  German exchange intro letter)

It is a fantastic opportunity to find out about one another's culture, improve your language skills and make new friends! You don't need to be fantastic at German, but you should:
- be enthusiastic about getting to know how people live there,
- enjoy trying out lovely typical food like Spätzle (egg noodles) and Maultaschen (like giant ravioli),
- want to see German school life and be willing to help the German kids with their English
- be curious for new experiences, like punting and climbing the highest church tower in the world
- enjoy exploring shops and cafés in German towns to find your own lunch and souvenirs
- not be afraid to stay in a different family for ten days (by the time you go you will of course know your exchange partner very well, so it won't be scary any more)

Click German exchange on the right to see pictures and reports from previous years.

Ask students who have taken part for their opinion!

Get your friends to come along with you!

If you have any questions, ask your German teacher for more information!

Student of the Month - January 2015

Student of the Month is back! 

Languages teachers have each nominated an outstanding student who has shown particular effort or excellent enthusiasm in the last month! 
Well done to all these fabulous linguists!

Imaan Saeed in 7P for excellent work and contributions

Luke Oldfield in 8Y for consistent hard work and excellent class participation

Callum Stennett in 9M for very hard work and enthusiasm

Alana Scott in 9K for excellent effort in Japanese mocks

Yara Mansour in 9Q for excellent effort and improved behaviour

Rachael Grey in 10X for consistent outstanding effort and achievement

Jonathan Mann in 10H for very good effort and progress

Rebecca Hill in 10Q for consistent hard work in Chinese

Emily James in 11Q for very hard work to improve her German  

Daniel Leemans in 11R for very good effort

Marcus Dainton in 11M for good progress

Navneet Brar in 11M for consistent hard work and dedication

FSM - Shy'm - Et Alors !

Bonjour à tous!

Aujourd'hui, c'est une musique de Shy'm, Et Alors, qu'on pourrait traduire par "So What!". (Pas de lien avec la version de P!nk)

If it works, it should be stuck in your head until tonight. Et alors? Papapalapapaaa.

Yes. Plus the lyrics are super easy. Especially the chorus. So I don't see why you shouldn't be singing it? Who knows. You may end dancing in the streets of Paris with your friends. Everyone knows that's what happens when you sing French duh.

Et alors

Parlez-moi de ceux, qui osent, qui incarnent la difference
Ceux qui posent sans qu'on leur dise
mais comme ils le pensent
Parlez moi de personnalité
D'originalité, d'idées

Et Alors, mais qu'est-ce-que ca te fait,
Si je n'aime pas les protocoles,
Les idées fixes, les copier coller
Et Alors, mais qu'est-ce-que ca te fait,
Si j'ose les noeuds pap,
Et les Derby garconnes decalées

Et Alors! papapalapapa
Et Alors! papapalapapa

Parlez moi de punk,de rock,
De street de pop ou de Boheme
Qu'importe l'univers,
L'addiction est la meme
Parlez moi de créativité
D'originalité, d'idées


Et alors, mais qu'est-ce-que ca te fait,
Si je n'aime pas les protocoles,
Les idées fixes, les copier coller
Et Alors, mais qu'est-ce-que ca te fait,
Si j'ose les noeuds pap,
Et les Derby garconnes décalées

Et Alors! papapalapapa
Et Alors! papapalapapa

Et Alors,mais qu'est-ce-que ca te fait,
Si je n'aime pas les protocoles,
Les idées fixes,les copier coller
Et Alors, mais qu'est-ce-que ca te fait,
Si j'ose les noeuds pap,
Et les bustier Franck Sorbier

Et Alors! papapalapapa
Et Alors! papapalapapa


Translated here