Sunday, 13 July 2008

Intensive Courses!

Between 23rd June and 4th July, Year 9 Tomlinscote School students had the privilege of undertaking Chinese, Japanese, German and French Intensive courses. The Chinese and Japanese courses lasted two weeks, and the German and French courses lasted a week each. Below are photographs from the fortnight.

-Bottom left: in the sports hall are the students on the one-week German intensive course learning Handball in German with Mr.Michael Fitzgerald.
- The martial arts photos show both a Taichi lesson for the students on the Intensive Mandarin Chinese course and a demonstration in Japanese martial arts for the Japanese students by Mr. Michael Jay.

- The kimono photos show the Japanese intensive course students learning how to put on kimonos in the correct way and subsequently posing in them. The kimonos were lent by the Japanese Embassy and volunteers from Japan 21 came into school to instruct our Y9 students on the way to wear them, tie the belt correctly etc.

- The photos in the art room show the calligraphy demonstration by a Chinese calligraphy expert and our students practising the skills

- The photos in the Food Technology room show the Japanese students learning to make sushi with their Japanese teacher, Mrs. Yoshiko Bransby.

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