Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Frau Mahler's KS2 star students!

Frau Mahler would like to celebrate the following pupils from our cluster of primary schools: They all are fantastic linguists, highly talented and enthusiastic, wonderful Schein and Sticker collectors, always keen to use new language and find out about culture in German speaking countries. True stars!

Year 5
Sandhya Kaushik
Shivangi Sharma
Brogan Runacres
Tia Giovanni
Oliver Kiss
Lily Cooksley
Maia Pearson
Flo Phillips
Joseph Patrick
Rebecca Harrison
Cameron Payne
Keenan Fereday
Kristen Roche

Year 6
Nicolas Manrique
Lana Baker
Suzanne Laird
Daniel Winnan
Declan Allen
Nicolas Prosser
Estelle Rice
Gemma Glasscock
Lucrezia Lawrance
Tadvin Syed Hossain
Chloe Cutland
Hayden Peacock
Samantha Carter
Samuel Flaherty
Jasmine Carter
Emily Dunbar
...and the whole crazy bunch of 4G of St Augustine's! Keep on dancing and being wunderbar at German!

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