Saturday, 28 January 2012

Student of the Month - January 2012 (primary)

Frau Mahler's students of the month are the winners of a competition held at Ravenscote Junior School:
Children had to reply to posters about German Christmas traditions sent over by pupils from Hanover. They had to produce powerpoints, pictures or texts about British or other traditions celebrated in their families.

....and the winners are:

for year 6Alexandra Perry (6M/S)

for year 5: Christina Exall (5NL) 

The following people also produced fantastic texts and pictures and deserve a special mention here: 

In year 6, in second place Rebecca Carnie (6F), in third place Amy Butterley (6ML), and in joint fourth Sophie Marney (6M/S) and Ditte Wikke (6M/S).

 In year 5, in second place Rachel Eadie (5NL), in third Laila Dackombe (5BE) and in fourth place Joshua Davies-Lye (5S)

Well done and VIELEN DANK to all of you for your lovely contributions!

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