Sunday, 16 September 2012

Schneewittchen Performance in Primary Schools

Frau Mutschler on stage
German learners in our feeder primary schools were in for a special treat this week:
Simone Mutschler, a performer from Munich, came for a special visit to tell children the story of Snow white.
All alone on stage without props or gimmicks, she managed to captivate her audience and brought to life all the characters of the fairy tale, from Schneewittchen and the böse Stiefmutter, the König, the Prinz to the wonderful Wildschwein.
The performances were held at Ravenscote school, but children from the Grove, St Augustine's and Lakeside Primary schools joined in the occasion. After each of the four shows, which around 360 children attended, a smaller group was invited to participate in special workshops with Frau Mutschler, where they had the opportunity to act out their favourite characters and play games practising their German.
The days were enjoyed by all and made possible through our partnership with the Goethe Institute.
Vielen Dank for a great day!
'Spieglein, Spieglein an der Wand'
acting out the various characters in the work shop
fun and games at the work shop with the performer

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