Monday, 12 November 2012

Angry Olympics: Weird Language Learning Videos

Do you like languages? Want to learn some grammar features or practise your language skills? Fancy something completely different? Like a wacky sense of humour? Check out a language you haven't learned yet?
Here are some MFL videos for you which are truly educational and truly weird. Pick your language and have a look. If you like them, there are plenty more on youtube to choose from, just search Angry Olympics and your language.....

PS they might take a while to load but are definitely worth the wait!

Here's one on the comparative and superlative in Spanish:

Here is the same video in French:

Or if you're learning German, watch this:

Here is another video in French on time expressions:

Another odd German video with two trees talking about their leisure activities (!)

And finally, a Spanish one on directions (I loved learning left and right, although it's VERY silly):
Have fun with it!

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