Friday, 22 November 2013

La visita a Segovia - Friday 22nd November

Today we visited the beautiful city of Segovia with it´s amazing Roman aqueduct from the 1st century. As we approached the city our first view was of this impressive construction. After educatiing many of the students as to what an aqueduct actually is everyone agreed it was magnificent. 

Next stop was the spectacular 16th Century "Catedral de nuestra señora de la Asunción y San Frutos.

As we approached "Plaza de Socorro" with rumbling tummies it was time for a "bocadillo" break in the sun!!

Once refuelled it was off to the magnificent Alcázar castle from the 11th - 14th Centuries. First we walked round the rooms admiring the paintings, furniture and suits of armour. This is where the Reyes Católicos lived in the Middle Ages. Walt Disney found inspiration for his castle from this impressive structure. Then it was time for our PE lesson! 152 spiralling stairs up to the top of Juan II tower. At the top we rested in the sun for the climb back down.

After some free time for shopping we had to warm up again (appearances can be deceptive and although it was sunny it was certainly not warm!!) and so we went for chocolate con churros.

Once back at school students met up with their partners and went home for a traditional Spanish weekend.

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