Thursday, 16 January 2014

Fantastic work by a primary pupil!

Here is an astonishing piece of work by a girl in year 4 at Ravenscote (one of our feeder primary schools).
Diya Rashid has been learning French since the beginning of year 3.
Recently, her French teacher Madame Butler has taught the class how using a dictionary can enable you to say anything and be really creative with a foreign language.
Diya has clearly understood the message. Not only did she produce stunning work in French, but she also went home and wrote an entire bed time story in German - a language she has not learned at all yet! - only with the help of a dictionary (and her little sister Zara, who gave some inspirations for the story).
Although her text on 'Goldillocks and the three cats' is not 100 per cent accurate, Diya knew that she had to change infinitive verb forms into the past tense or ing form, how to choose the correct translation for the context and managed to communicate the whole story really well! In addition to that, she has illustrated it beautifully!  
What a star and what a promising SUPER LINGUIST!
Well done to Diya! -and to Madame Butler for inspiring her!
Fantastique! Fantastisch! 

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