Friday, 11 September 2015

Multilingual UN refugee game

These days it's impossible not to see news of refugees fleeing their home countries travelling thousands of miles, crossing deserts and the Mediterranean sea to get to safety and a better life.
Have you ever wondered what it might feel like?
Follow this link to play a PC game where you get a glimpse-

Choose the language you are learning - there is French, German and Spanish as well as English.
Choose your character and follow the instructions! Feel the oppression in your home country and try to get to a land where you can get help! Learn about the difference between migrants and refugees! Experience the prejudice and difficulty in finding a job! Open your mind!

If you manage to get out of the dark town with the dog patrols let me know how you did it...

The game was created for the UNHCR - the organisation of the United Nations looking after refugees. If you're further interested in the topic, they have also produced an app called 'my life as an refugee'  which you could download following this link:

If you're studying languages at A-level you find lots of info in your target language on the home pages of the UNHCR:
Spanish :

Mit herzlichen Grüßen,
Frau Mahler

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