Thursday, 26 November 2015


Tomlinscote School has been selected to enter an international competition, Juvenes Translatores, which is an annual translation contest for 17-year old students around the European Union. The competition is aimed at supporting the EU’s own motto: Europeans are to be 'united in diversity'. Our school has been extremely lucky to be granted a place in this year’s competition amongst another 72 important and recognised educational institutions in the UK.

Studies show the ever-growing need for translation and translators in Europe and therefore it is useful for language students to be prepared for this. Juvenes Translatores raises awareness of the importance of translation skills and the need to reassess translation — as a means of ‘mediating’ between languages — in the context of language learning. This year's theme was the European Year for Development.

Louise McGaffney in 12S and Bruce Robinson in 13Q represented our school in the 2015 contest, translating from French into English. The competition took place on Thursday 26th November under exam conditions. Both students made us proud for the effort and commitment. Translations have been submitted and we cannot wait until we hear the results in February 2016. ‘Bon Chance’ to both!

If you would like to find out more about this exciting event please have a look at this link:

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