Wednesday, 22 June 2016

French Trip Day 2 and 3

Students have thoroughly enjoyed Futuroscope, dancing with robots was a highlight along with many other 4D experiences. In the evening we were captivated by the laser light show which included a game show at the beginning, laser lights, fireworks and a beautiful storyline. 

Today started with the traditional crossaint breakfast followed by our excursion to La Rochelle. The sun came out to greet us as we walked around the harbour. The aquarium was 'fascinating, showing us different types of fish and sharks. The mini cinema showed us what fish eat, and what to expect as we walk around the aquarium.'

Apologies for the delay in publishing- the internet signal is not as strong or steady as we would like. 

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  1. Hi glad your having a great time :-) can you please tell Eva to brush her hair ! ! Thanks her mum X X x