Friday, 20 April 2012

El Dia de San Jorge

Once upon a time.. there was a dragon which used to attack the population of the Kingdom. People didn’t know what to do and they were very scared of the dragon, so they decided to give two sheep to the dragon each day.  After a couple of months they didn’t have enough sheep to offer to the dragon so they offered just one sheep - but one person, as well. This person would be chosen by drawing lots. 
One day the princess was chosen. On the way to the dragon’s cave she found a knight killing the dragon, and from the dragon’s blood grew a red rose which the knight offered to the princess. 
Can you imagine the name of the knight?
San Jorge y el Dragón
In Spanish he is known as San Jorge, while here he is St. George, the patron saint of England.
On the 23rd of April in some regions of Spain (Catalonia and Aragón) men offer women a red rose!

And do you know what women give to men? They give them a book to remember Shakespeare’s and Cervantes’ death, both of them died around the 23rd of April.

‘a rose for love and a book forever’

Muchas gracias to Maria, our Spanish assistant for this text!

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