Sunday, 27 May 2012

Herman ze German

Authentic German Currywurst & Pommes
Lots of passers by stop and take pictures!
If you make it to London one of these days, make sure you pop in to Herman ze German for an authentic German fast food experience!
The Currywurst mit Pommes is delicious and you can get Sauerkraut and Rotkohl, too. Those of you who have been to Germany and have tried the fabulous Brezeln or the chocolate bar Duplo - here's the place to get it! The German import Fritz Kola might have too much caffeine for some, but they also have juice and lemonade - and Eiskaffee in the summer.
As staff speak German, you can practise your language skills and order: "Ich möchte bitte..."
Certainly worth a visit - just next to Charing Cross station. Pop in for a Herzlich Willkommen and a Guten Appetit by Herman ze German.
You can choose your type of sausage

For more info go to:
The slogan is 'der Wacher Macher'
Our German assistant enjoying a piece of home
Freundliches Personal!

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