Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Student of the Month - May - Spanish

Sra Burford has nominated these particularly hard working individuals from year 8 as Students of the Month

They all have written fantastic texts on daily routine and school which you can admire below!

Shuja Hasnain in 8P for a brilliant piece of work, despite having missed a lot of preparation time due to illness

Rebecca Harrison in 8H for a very high level of grammar, excellent attention to detail and completing exceptional classwork at all times.

Gabi Karaulanova in 8H, who has produced a very detailled and highly accurate piece of work

Stephen Myles in 8H for exceptional attitude to learning and attainment in all lessons

Susie Snell  in 8P for her extreme hard work in the preparation for this task, which led to an excellent result

Ed Thompson in 8H, whose shows excellent adjectival agreements and super attention to detail (and who works conistently well in class)

and last, but not at all least:
Cameron Williams in 8P who has worked extremely hard to produce a fabulous text on his daily routine and school! and has the honour of being named OUTSTANDING student of the month by Ms Burford!

Well done to all of you!

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