Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Eurpean Day of Languages 2013 - Poem-Poster Competition

The 26th of September is the European Day of Languages!

People all over Europe -and in Tomlinscote - celebrate our cultural and linguistic diversity: If we all spoke the same language and had the same culture, it would be very boring! Imagine life and your language without pizza, croissant, hamburger, cafeteria, restaurant, kindergarten, and so on. It's wonderful we are all different and can give new ideas and words to one another.

To learn a language is to be able to communicate with more people, to open up the world for travel and multiply your career opportunities. It is to find out about other cultures and learn from them, and to broaden your horizon. You become cleverer as you train your brain in coping with another grammar and feed it with more vocabulary! And of course, it's lots of fun!


We would like you to write 
a poem (rhyming, acrostic, a sonnet, a two-liner)
about languages  (why are they important? what is great about them?)
 and create a poster with it! (make it visually stunning!)

You can see some fabulous examples below (winners from a previous competition).
You can work on your own, with a partner or even get help from home!

Hand in your word to the MFL office or your language teacher (make sure your name is on the back)!
The deadline is the 4th of October 2013! 

Great prizes to be won!

Good luck! Viel Glück! Bonne Chance! Buona suerte!

if you fancy testing your knowledge of languages click here for a language quiz!

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