Thursday, 8 October 2015

A Swabian Town - by Alana in Esslingen

Sunday was spent travelling to Esslingen, a town where a small castle nestled on a hill overlooking the sprawling vineyards and timber-beamed houses.

My exchange partner, her family and I started off by exploring the castle walls from where we could see the whole of Esslingen and the surrounding hills. We descended the 400 or so steps to the town below and criss-crossed through alleyways until we arrived at the town plaza. Entering the church, which was the focal point of the plaza, we admired the ornate carvings inside before ambling through the rest of the town.

The old town itself was very cute, with willow trees and oddly-shaped houses hanging over the sparkling brooks below. Overall this typical German town with its medieval houses and fantastical trees was a walk back to the past, and very enjoyable!

Esslingen am Neckar

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