Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Update from Baden-Württemberg

The first five days of the Y10-11 German exchange have absolutely flown by! We have all enjoyed a packed schedule of activities organized by host families and by the fantastic teachers at our partner school, the Robert-Bosch-Gymnasium in Wendlingen. Here are some snippets of the students' reflections on their experience so far, with photos and longer articles by Leonie and Alana to follow.

Samstag - Saturday

Hallo aus Deutschland! When we sit down to have dinner I am always amazed at the amount of food there is. My favourite German food is Schnitzel. The people here are very kind and take really good care of their guests. - Emma

Me, my exchange partner and her mum walked around Wendlingen town then bought some sugared almonds, which only come out at Christmas, and had an ice cream. The town looks different to ours, with lots of old buildings. - Sarah 

Sonntag - Sunday

Hallo England! Am Sonntag sind wir ins Ritter Sport Schokolade Museum gegangen. Es gab viele 'vapour stations', zum Beispiel Marzipan, Rum, und Hazelnuss. Ich habe Schokolade gegessen, da ich Schokolade liebe!  - Eloise 

On Sunday we went to watch my partner Max play in a handball match. His team lost but it was a good experience. Then we travelled to lake Bodensee. The lake borders Switzerland, Austria and Germany. We took a cable car up a mountain there and the views were amazing over the lake and the Alps. We were 1073m up. Es war sehr gut. - Luke 

We went to the Porsche museum on Sunday. It was very fun and interesting. There were lots of nice cars. Mein Lieblingsauto ist ein Nissan GTR. - Adam

Hallo England! The Porsche museum was very interesting. It's just like Mercedes Benz World, although less interactive. The museum had a simulator that we thought was broken for the fact that we all crashed about ten times each. Das Museum war sehr gut! - Callum

We went to a Spa on Sunday. It was really fun and relaxing. I have never been to something like that before and it was a great experience. We took some cool pictures to share with our friends when we get back. Ich liebe Passionsfrucht. - Darcie

Montag - Monday

My partner Sofie and I made pancakes. Ich liebe Pfannkuchen. We cut bananas and red currants for the topping and Sofie's mum had homemade honey. Pfannkuchen sind sehr gut. Lecker! - Gen

I went to a meeting with my exchange partner. At this meeting, people who have been bullied can sort out problems and it allows them to have fun. This was once a year and people could stay there overnight. Es war interessant. - Melissa

The school was very different to English schools because in their breaks they can leave school and if a teacher is away, they all get the period off. They finish school at different times too. Some days they finish at 1pm and some days they finish at 5:20. Ich mag die Schule. - Jonathan.

Dienstag - Tuesday

On Tuesday night, I went bowling with the other exchange students. We had lots of fun with each other and I won! Es machte Spass, weil ich mit meine lustige Freunde war. - Matt 

On Tuesday we all went to Ulm and went up the world's tallest church spire. We also did some shopping in our free time. I have also been horse riding after school. I wasn't allowed to canter but I still enjoyed it. - Gabby

I have been on a segway tour, joined in lessons at the German school, tried some new German foods and done a lot of shopping! I'm really looking forward to our guided tour of Tubingen this afternoon. - Meghan

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