Wednesday, 8 October 2014

French Exchange

The French Exchange party left all smiling yesterday morning in order to meet their partners in Lille and fully embrace the French language and culture for a week.
After a short crossing on the Shuttle during which some students desperately tried to spot some fish through the windows (??!), we quickly reached the centre of Lille and the French school where Mr Daullet greeted us.

Once the ice was broken, everyone went home for the first evening home with the French families.

Today, Wednesday, after listening to many tales about the typical French food consumed by our students the previous night (spaghetti bolognese, Domino's pizza, Mc Donald's, kebabs!!!), we made our way to the very centre of Lille for the traditional photo in front of the column and fountain, followed by the treasure hunt in the pouring rain...

A nice hot chocolate was very welcome for some afterwards. We're really missing the English sunshine here!

This afternoon, Year 9 and 10 students followed their partners home for an early finish, followed by exciting activities such as shopping, handball and drama club amongst others.

As for our Year 12 students, they enjoyed the delights of a 2 and a half hour long practice examination paper which unfortunately had to be completed at some point this week...

Tomorrow, younger students will be sampling the French education system at its best whilst 6th Formers will start their Work Experience in the Primary School. Exciting times!

A bientôt.

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