Monday, 13 October 2014

German exchange - Montag, Tübingen

After a brief meeting at school, all 29 students made their way to the train station with Herr Bystricky from the RBG. We boarded the train and arrived in Tübingen with plenty of time to meet our tour guide, Elizabeth. We walked up and down many hills, got some pictures of the view over Tübingen and were shown other points of historical interest in the town.

After the tour, the students had some free time to get their lunch and spend the last of their money, before we headed to the meeting point for the Stocherkahnfahrt (punting!). After climbing precariously on to the boat, the two boats set off, professionally punted by our two guides. 

There was some rocking but all stayed safe and dry, and even had time to chant at one guide who Jacob decided to nickname 'Günter' which he loved! 

We then had some free time in the park before heading back to the train station and the students were then met in Wendlingen to spend their final evening with their partners.

Will there be lots of tears tomorrow....we'll have to wait and see! 

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