Sunday, 2 December 2012

Advent - German wreaths and advent decorations

Did you know that today is the first advent Sunday?

Many families have an advent wreath. In the UK, these symbols of December and the countdown to Christmas are mostly hung on the front door. But in Germany, while there are many wreaths on doors, most families will also have one Adventskranz lying flat on a table in the living room with four candles on top.
One the first advent Sunday, one candles gets lit, one the second, two, and so on, until on the last Sunday before Christmas all candles are burning.

Florists sell very elaborate and beautiful versions of these wreaths, which go by the fashion ranging from traditional Christmas tree branches and red candles, to brown woven sticks with white glitter.

Here is a fantastic little overview of what the Bau und Gartencenter Eberhardt, in 36208 Wildeck Obersuhl
has to offer in their range of advent decorations! 

and here is a video of how to make an advent wreath out of old Christmas baubles...
Enjoy and get into the festive spirit!

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