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Traditional Christmas in Spain -part 1 (in English)

Traditional Christmas in Spain. Part I
(in English)

On the 22nd of December is the National Christmas LOTTERY draw.
If you win “el Gordo” , you receive the top prize of four million Euros!! The second prize is 1.2 millions. Because the tickets are so expensive, many people only buy 'a tenth', which still costs 20 Euros, and for which the  top prize is 400.000€. 
Certainly enough for a big party!

Therefore, in all Spanish families, there is always someone who buys a lottery ticket.
  There are some special lottery shops that are supposed to bring good luck. Like ‘doña Manolita’ in calle del Carmen, nº 22 in Madrid (which is the Spanish city which has won most often). If you want to buy a ticket here, you will have to wait in a long queue, but who knows, it could be you who wins the top prize!

This is how our Chrismas begins.

The Spanish Christmas season lasts from 24 December to 7 January. Although, like in many other countries, shops start to put up decorations before, as a marketing strategy.

One of the most important Christmas traditions in Spain are los dulces, or the SWEETS. There are a lot of varieties, and each region has different types of Christmas sweets.
My favorite are TURRONES (a type of nougat) and chocolates. 
When it is really cold, we usually buy roasted chestnut in the street. Or we go to any chocolateria to drink a cup of good dark hot chocolate.

One of the oldest chocolaterías in Madrid is ‘SAN GINÉS’, established in 1894. It is in the old city centre, in the passage San Ginés. It is one of the most popular and touristic places for eating chocolate con churros. I love their chocolate! If you visit Madrid, do not forget to go there. Another good chocolateria is called 'Chocolatería “Valor”.

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