Monday, 8 July 2013

German Exchange Partners at Tomlinscote

Guten Tag! to our 27 German exchange students who are currently staying with their partners enjoying the uncharacteristic British summer sun. Our students and their families have been making them feel welcome in their homes. The visitors have experienced school life at Tomlinscote, marvelling at our school uniforms and interactive whiteboards (in Germany, there are still black boards in class rooms!). They attended a variety of lessons, where our students could try out their language skills on them.
Over the last few days, they have also been to London for sightseeing, shopping and Madame Tussaud's, and went punting in Oxford (don't fall in the water!).

Today, Tomlinscote students joined their guests on a trip to visit the Houses of Parliament and a flight with the London Eye, enjoying the fabulous view over the capital.
Here are some pictures from the trip. Without the school uniforms, I bet you can't tell the difference between English and German youngsters....

The German students learn all about London sights in school... they were already familiar with Trafalgar Square and the London Eye
in a London Eye pod

Inside the Houses of Parliament
International enjoyment of the London sun ...although some seem to have forgotten their trousers at home...

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