Friday, 19 July 2013

Private Study: Film: Französisch für Anfänger

Are you looking for private study ideas over the summer? Why not use youtube and find dubbed versions of your favourite US series (just search for "How I met your mother deutsch", "scrubs francais"  etc.).

You can also find whole films in various languages -dubbed and original. Here is a little gem I found by searching for 'ganzer Film' (whole movie).

It's sweet German film about teenagers falling in love. The setting is a German-French school exchange, so all you French students (maybe with some primary German?) do have a look, too. If you know both languages it's probably funnier. They do resort to English at times - but you'll see not everyone speaks English abroad! Enjoy!

Warning: there are rare occasions of inappropriate language and some mild sexual references in this film, so our primary cluster pupils should refrain from trying to watch it....

If you don't have time to watch the whole film, just have a look at around 42 minutes: Despite hardly knowing any French, Henrik has joined the exchange to be near Valerie. In this scene, she promises to dance with him on the 'boum' (party) the next day, and they agree to meet at 8 o'clock (being Germans...), but he doesn't know about the dinner customs in his French host family...

It's always great to receive comments - so let us know what you think of the film...

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