Thursday, 11 July 2013

Japanese and Chinese Intensive Courses

Around 90 Year 8 students (and some Year 9s) have been working hard during their Japanese and Chinese intensive courses. For two weeks, they discarded their normal timetable in order to attend all-day sessions in their foreign language, culminating in assessments at the end. Probably more fun than the tests were the several practical workshops they attended:

The Chinese learners had wok cookery lesson and and were treated to a trip to Wellington College to experience the school's new Chinese Centre, where they watched paper cutting and Taichi fan dancing demonstrations and could join in a fan dance routine.

Fan dancing practice at Wellington College
The Japanese students could try their hands at making sushi and learned about origami, producing lovely creatures by folding paper. Aided by visitors from Japan 21, an organisation promoting Japanese language and culture, they could also find out about Kimonos and try them on themselves. 
Both groups had instruction in martial arts by visiting experts!

The Japanese teachers and the samurai experts
Derek from Wutan UK teaching the Chinese students
Luckily, everyone survived the sword fighting
Beautiful origami swans

Making sushi - Don't get fish fingers...
No, you can't take them home - but they look very fetching....

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