Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Famous Faces Competition

Do you remember the Famous Faces Competition last year? As a celebration of European Day of languages, Tomlinscote students and their families had to identify the pictures of personalities from French, German and Spanish speaking countries. The proud winner of a short city break was Frederik from year 9. Here is his account:

Hola Madrid
The journey started with a 2 hour flight to Madrid. We then took a taxi to the hotel. We got to the hotel very late and were so exhausted that we fell asleep very quickly.
The hotel was right in the centre, which was very good. The next day we...
...went through the streets looking at the Royal Palace, which was very big. We went inside the Palace, and it was amazing to see how extravagant the rooms were, with different colours and materials. There was gold everywhere and the crystal chandeliers were very impressive.
After the amazing visit to the Palace we went down to the Plaza Mayor, where my parents got engaged 17 years ago. We ate some tapas, which were very expensive but tasty, for example a small bowl of Chorizo sausage cost €15!!!

After that we left for the Cortez De Ingles, which is a HUGE shopping centre (can be found all over Spain). I bought myself a watch there J. Because it was a very hot day we then had a short siesta. (Brake, which Italians and Spanish people have in the middle of the day). In the evening we went to a restaurant on the Plaza de Sol. It was amazing to see how many people there were, even late at night. It was still very warm.
On our last day we enjoyed 3 hours of a sightseeing tour, around the old and modern part of Madrid. It was really fun and interesting; also it showed us a lot of things we had not seen before.We passed for example the football stadium for Real Madrid.

And then it was time to go and get back to the airport.
It can only be said: we had a fantastic time in Madrid. (And even practised some Spanish)
Thank you” Famous Faces“!
Frederik 9R