Wednesday, 12 October 2011

German Exchange 2011

Hallo und grüß Gott aus Deutschland!
This year's Tomlinscote exchange students have embraced the German way of life, enjoying Brezeln and the beautiful sights in Stuttgart and Schwäbische Alb. They have been practising their German enthusiastically and successfully, and have made many friends. We have received many compliments on their fantastic attitude and behaviour, and they have impressed us with the eagerness with which they tackle every activity –including filling in booklets in German (well done Dane!) and walking for ages without a single moan –at a German PE teacher’s pace. They are a joy to be around and are having a lovely time. 
Frau Sparkes & Frau Mahler (the A Team)
Chloe about to enjoy a birthday Brezel.

At Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof on Tuesday.
At the castle in Stuttgart

Reece getting his first Brezel of the day.
Listening to a guided tour in Stuttgart -ask them about fat Friedrich!

The tour is about to start at Schloss Lichtenstein
About to enter the Wimsener Cave
At Schloss Lichtenstein

Walking to Zwiefalten

Chilling in Zwiefalten

We would love to receive comments from parents and students alike!             Tschüß!

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