Friday, 7 October 2011

Student of the Month - September 2011

'Student of the Month' is back, where we acknowledge and praise the hard work and extraordinary achievements of special students at Tomlinscote: This month's stars are:

Ms Yamanouchi nominates Rianna Waren (9Q) as the student of the month. She is always punctual, her homework is completed immaculately, she obtains 100% in the mini tests every time, and she does more than I tell her too (When I told her to write one sentence, she handed in MANY sentences).

Sra. Burford is full of praise for Sam Liddle (9R). He has shown outstanding effort and contribution, alsways asks when stuck and makes excellent effort with his spoken presentation.

Have a look at this wonderful piece of work by Michelle Li (8Q). Frau Christian was very impressed!

Well done to all of you!

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