Tuesday, 8 October 2013

German Exchange 2013 - Dienstag - Tübingen

On Tuesday the group went to Tübingen, a short ride on a double decker train from our partner school.

Tübingen is home to one of the oldest universities in Germany, which was founded in 1477. Shown around by a tour guide, the students learned out about the famous graduates like the astronomer Kepler and the poet Hölderlin, marvelled at the huge timber frame buildings of the student homes and fraternities, and the astronomic clock at the town hall.

listening to Cro
 They had time to find some German lunch like Currywurst or Brezeln, and discovered chocolate and

Gummibär shops by asking their way through town (it's Geschäft, not Geschichte). Later we went punting on the river Neckar, initially led by the professionals (who came second in the annual punting race of the town!). Under their instruction, some brave youngsters took to steering us along the river themselves, carefully avoiding the many swans.
We had a fantastic time, even though some unfortunate people had to join their partners after this trip back at school for period 10 and 11! Didn't we learn that German schools finish at lunchtime? 
Have a look at the pictures of our trip and feel free to leave a comment!

did anyone say 'don't rock the boat?'

after a while the novice punters could be trusted to steer on their own
total super!

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