Monday, 7 October 2013

German exchange 2013 - Montag - Day in school

We spent today at the Robert-Bosch-Gymnasium.
First, the students had a chance to touch base with their teachers and recount their adventures of the weekend. From bowling and making chocolate at the Ritter Sport museum, visiting the Porsche or the Mercedes Benz museums, to relaxing in a thermal bath and going on the rides at the Stuttgart version of the Oktoberfest: It was clear they had a great time -and they said they had lots of opportunities to practice their German.
Later they joined their partners in class and attended lessons: They tried to understand the advanced maths and science, Jordan managed to dazzle the Germans with his geography knowledge and they could help and learn a lot themselves by helping with English-German translations.
We met many students in the recently opened mensa, which is exclusively run by parents helpers and served a lovely 'Kaiserschmarrn' - pancake with apple sauce, before walking to the 'Rathaus' where we were greeted by the mayor of Wendlingen.
He gave a speech and answered our questions -in English and invited everyone to write into the book of the town to commemorate the visit - the 13th of its kind!

There are still black boards in German class rooms

working on their booklets

with their German partners

in the new Mensa

enjoying the pancakes with their partners

In front of the town hall with Herrn Koenig, Frau Savochkin, Frau Mahler and the mayor of Wendlingen 

listening attentively to the mayor (in a suit!)

writing in the town book to commemorate the visit
Bildunterschrift hinzufügen

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