Wednesday, 9 October 2013

German Exchange 2013 - Mittwoch - Heidelberg

On Wednesday, we travelled to Heidelberg, about an hour and a half away from our base in Wendlingen. Although some people had to wait for their morning chips at Burger King (booo), we managed not to miss the connecting train from Stuttgart. Most our students are enjoying the local specialities and have eaten their way through mountains of Spätzle, Bratwurst, Schnitzel, Rittersport and Brezeln....
We took a pleasant ride on the intercity (and an exciting trip on the tram), and made it in time for our guided tour in Heidelberg. The excellent guide told us about the oldest university in Germany, the old town's destruction in the 17th century and its rebuilding on the old foundations to make use of the extensive cellars.
After lunch and a spot of shopping, we climbed the 320 steps up to the castle (good practice for the cathedral tower in Ulm on Friday). Students waved from the top of the huge wine barrel, in which the regent gathered the wine given by his subjects, and enjoyed the view over the pretty town and the river Neckar. We were in good company of tourists from all over the world.

it´s exciting to go by tram!

The tour guide was really good, although one or two look a little tired.

We also visited the birth house of Friedrich Ebert, the first president of Germany - which posed a serious health risk to the taller members of our group.

Friedrich Ebert's birth house...
...with rather low door frames...

later we went up to the castle in the background

alles klar!

standing on the big wine barrel for over 220 thousand litres...

the view from the castle

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