Thursday, 21 June 2012

Year 7 French Trip Day 4

The day started by wishing one of our students 'Joyeux Anniversaire'. Here he is, wearing a gift from us!:

We visited the medieval town of Amboise today and discovered the castle of the French kings. We learnt all about the differences between Gothic and Renaissance architecture and styles of furniture and decoration, as well as some history about the castle's many occupants. It was interesting to hear about Leonardo Da Vinci's connection with the town too. He spent the last three years of his life there and, at his own request, his grave is in the royal chapel in the grounds of the castle.

There were some beautiful old streets in the town for us all to explore before we visited Le Clos Lucé (the house where Leonardo Da Vinci lived and worked). It was particularly fascinating to interact with full-size, working examples of his inventions in the gardens surrounding the house.

We have had a great time in France this week (with thanks to our teachers and superb coach drivers) but it has also been quite tiring and we are looking forward to being back home with our families tomorrow night.

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