Friday, 22 June 2012

Year 7 German Trip - Roundup

On the road again with Coach Number 1 (the number one coach!)
We do apologise that our reporting from Germany has been a bit patchy, but there were some problems with the wifi in the hotel and everyone was just SO BUSY!!

So uploaded from home, here is the report we received from our correspondents in Germany:
Our children have been enjoying themselves immensely!

On Wednesday evening, the talent show was a great success, with Maxx being crowned the proud winner for her fantastic singing. Miss Rendell, who had saved her energy for this moment by sleeping every second on the coach, gave the group a special Zumba lesson!

Thursday was Phantasialand-day! A few children had to delay their enjoyment by some time, due to previous silliness or noise after lights out. But eventually all had an awesome day, enjoying the roller coasters and the scary Black Mamba ride (if they dared!).
Finishing it off with a bit of football in the woods and finally a disco, this was a very memorable day for our year 7s!

With one last long ride on the Party-Bus, singing and dancing to the Flieger song, they are on their way home now, looking forward to get back to their families and to tell their loved ones all about their adventures!
Thank you to the children for being a wonderful and very pleasant group (apart from some boys' singing on the coach).
And a big thank you to Frau Sparks, who organised it all, to party leader Herr Elad and all the teachers who looked after the kids out there!

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