Friday, 29 June 2012

Euro 2012 Semi Finals

In the first semi-final Portugal stepped up their game a few notches and gave Spain a run for their money. But despite several chances on either side, and lots of fouls and dives, the match had to be decided by penalties again (at half past midnight local time!). Two initial saves made the shoot out very exciting, but a worried looking Alves used up his confidence when he walked up to the penalty spot at the wrong time. So when it really was his turn, he hit the bar, leaving it to Fabregas to strike the winner. Ronaldo, fifth in line for Portugal, never got a chance to shoot.
With a final score of 4-2 (again!), Spain is in the final of Euro 2012 to defend their title, undoubtedly supported by at least years 8 and 9 of Tomlinscote. Or are you getting bored of the Spaniards winning everything in football?
before the match,obviously...

German fans had high hopes for their team in the second semi-final, despite not having won against their 'Angstgegner' Italy in a major tournament for decades. They started off confidently with several good chances, and managed to keep Pirlo in check. But when Balotelli did his magic and scored after 20 minutes first with his head and shortly after with an ingenious strike, the Germans crumbled and never found back in the game. An extra-time penalty goal by Özil and Neuer's help as a midfielder were too little too late and Italy won deservedly with 2-1, shutting up the supporters on the 'Fanmeilen' around Germany.

Can Italy beat Spain in the final on Sunday?

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