Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Year 7 French Trip Day 2

We are enjoying eating together in the hotel restaurant. Last night we had a delicious three course meal ... and discovered that Ms Merle has a particular weakness for deep-fried balls of potato. As you can see, she was shocked to be caught helping herself to yet more of them!

Today, the weather began sunny and warm but unfortunately the rain arrived soon after breakfast. It hasn't put a dampener on our day at Futuroscope however. Students have returned from a day in the park with many tales of having danced with robots and having saved the planet from the comfort of an IMAX armchair.There has been a display of colourful footwear to brighten the day too (do you recognise any of these feet below?).

We have to say, we think the 3D glasses are quite fetching ... but the Tron suits might have been a mistake!

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