Saturday, 23 June 2012

Year 7 French Trip Return Journey

It wasn't possible to add a blog post yesterday while we were all travelling back but we just wanted to complete our series of posts for the French Trip by saying how well all the students coped with the long journey back. Unfortunately, there was a long wait to board the ferry at Calais and the sea crossing was fairly rough. Consequently, there were few cases of 'mal de mer' but everyone pulled together to look after those who felt off-colour. Our coach drivers were superb all week and got us back to Frimley safe and sound around at 11.30pm. As you can see, we just about managed to get a picture of them all (you'll notice that one of them did his best to try and get out of shot!). Thank you very much indeed, gentlemen.

By now parents and friends are no-doubt beginning to hear first-hand about the trip from those who went. We're delighted that the students have been able to enjoy a range of activities and experiences this week and we look forward to seeing their love of French language and culture develop further in the years ahead.

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