Sunday, 14 October 2012

German Exchange 2012 - Freitag

On Friday, the group caught the train to Tübingen, a very pretty town with a renown university and lots beautiful buildings and great little shops. Unfortunately, our bad luck with the weather continued and we got soaked yet again, even though some of us got some bright rain ponchos at the tourist information.
We had an interesting guided tour around the town and trusted the forecast of brighter weather in the afternoon, when we were supposed to go punting on the river. When we split up for lunch, it was actually sunny.
We then headed for the punts, it started to rain as we boarded and those of us with ponchos put them on, others put up umbrellas and some toughed it out. We got part way and the weather was not too bad, just a bit of rain, so after discussion, we decided not to cut it short: just minutes later the heavens opened. It absolutely chucked it down. So much so that we got wet from the water running down the bench seats, as well as from the rain. Frau Sparkes got all her important documents wet in her rucksack.
Still, all laughed about the rain and several children still tried out the punting, like Jack, Reece, Emma, Cassandra and HollyAnna.

The weekend will be spent with the host families again to practise our German some more!
Most of the pupils were ice-skating Friday evening and were going to the Cannstadter Volksfest this weekend for an impression of a German Oktoberfest.

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