Monday, 8 October 2012

German Exchange 2012 -Montag

with Germanwings to Stuttgart
21 Tomlinscote students from year 10 and 11 left on Saturday for this year's exchange programme with our German partner school, whose students had come to visit us last July.
After a pleasant flight to Stuttgart, the English students were whisked away by their partners to spend the weekend with their host families.

They experienced a wide range of things: from a Porsche museum, a chocolate factory and a classical concert to handball matches, walks through the vineyards and medieval towns and a visit to the Volksfest, Stuttgart´s version of the Oktoberfest.

On Monday morning, our youngsters came to the Robert-Bosch-Gymnasium for a 7.50 start!  Staying with the group gave everyone an opportunity to swap stories about their weekends, work on their booklets and play with the blackboard (which was actually green). All seemed very happy in their families and Emma had even been allowed to try on her host's dirndl!

After an official welcome by Herrn Adolf, the head teacher, the students joined their partners in class to experience German school life first hand. Some got involved in interviews in an English lesson and helped analysing radio ads.

it was dark, foggy and cold at 7.30

but everyone was on time and in good spirits

in the corridor

playing with the black board

telling Frau Allen about their weekend
being interviewed by German students

in a classroom

helping out in an English lesson

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