Monday, 8 October 2012

Student of the month - September 2012 French

Here are the Students of the Month from the French Department: 
Madame Tsang has nominated

Sasha Tyson in 9X for consistent good effort and behaviour,

Phoebe Johnson in 9Y for consistent oustanding work in classwork and homework,

Lauren Hart in 10G for good work and behaviour,
Sam Grundy in 7Q for outstanding work and behaviour and
Alex Vincent in 8M for excellent work and behaviour!
Well done to these stars!

Four more star pupils are the creators of these fantastic posters: Amrit Bunet, Sarah Heddle and Katie Yeung (all in 9a/Fr) and Terrence Ncube in 7Q.

A poster advertising Camberley by Amrit Bunet

This great work is by Sarah Heddle
Katie Leung wrote this fantastic text on Camberley

Terrence Ncube in 7Q has produced this lovely work on "il y a"

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