Monday, 16 June 2014

Year 7 Trip to France 2014

Nous sommes arrivés! - We have arrived!

Students on the French trip are relaxing before dinner, some playing football and some just having a chat on the grass in the sunshine!

We're looking forward to dinner in the very colourful restaurant... Over and out for now, back with updates soon!


  1. Anyone else having problems viewing the French trip photos?!

  2. Glad to hear you have all arrived but your pictures aren't loading on this laptop.

    Have fun at the park tomorrow.

    Mr Webb

  3. We can't see them either on our desktop.

  4. We can't see them either on a desktop

  5. We can’t see the pictures either - I think this is a problem at source. Please fix! Thanks.

  6. Sorry for the technical issues with the photos, hopefully you should be able to see them now!

  7. Sorry but I still can't see all of the photos on my laptop, ipad or phone...
    Is it just me?
    Great to hear you got there safely though. Keep us posted !

  8. We can now see three of the photos, but not all of them...
    Great to hear you you arrived ok.
    Keep us posted!

  9. I still can't see the first and last photo...