Friday, 20 June 2014

Year 7 Germany trip - last day - students' comments

The travelling on the way to Germany and back was a lot better than I would have expected. All of the places that we went to were fun and interesting. We were given lots of freedom when we went to the towns, which was great because then we could walk around with whoever we wanted. We also got to buy what we wanted for lunch meaning that we got food that we liked and that we could try more stuff. Overall the trip was great and fun.
 - James Dunbar.  

I think that this trip has been very fun. I enjoyed going to phantasia land and the train, the rooms were very nice and pretty. I think next time there should be more staff ( teachers ) around the rooms in case people need them. 
 Fran Neill 7G 

Apart from several staff patrolling corridors every night, children were told a room where they could find a teacher on duty. In fact, several kids lost some time off Phantasialand because they were caught when they should have stayed in their rooms...(Frau Mahler)

I liked the trip to Germany because we found out new things about it. My favourite part was going to phantasia land because we went on so many rides.    Sade Sherrard-Smith

This trip has been such a great experience. We have seen and have done such great things. Our favourite part of this trip by far is Phantasialand. Also the hotel was wonderful and we loved our  room. And we want to give a big thanks to the teachers who made this possible and prepared it all and put up with us. Lastly we wanted to say thanks for the wonderful disco and also thanks to the staff of the hotel who prepared us tasty meals, made our beds and tidied our rooms. So thanks again for this great experience.  
By Caitlyn Rostron & Sophie Walters

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